Boneka wisuda UI Unpad Ugm ipb itb unair trisakti unhas uin university unsoed undip its usu stie stikom akbid akper unnes upi unesa uny uns

Contac Us KABOWI PRODUSEN SOUVENIR WISUDA # No.1 Contac person via Sms /whats app 085642562072.

We produced graduation doll, Tedy Bear, Helo kity, Doraemon, Pooh, Doogy, Stitch and many more
KABOWI made by order, You can request any desain what you want include uniform graduate school, name+title, wish, colour, accesoris,etc
KABOWI also produced Souvenir couple anniversary ( kado ulang tahun, Boneka couple&Boneka Pengantin )

More Info Check out hundreds of produc KABOWI on facebook/internet with keyword "KABOWI".

KABOWI "Special Gift for Spesial Moment"

Let's grab it fast, Guys!